Paper + Dirt
Paper + Dirt is an evolving spatial and programming project that illuminates the entanglement of movement practices and creative practices by exploring the spaces in which these practices take place, the community that gathers around them, and the ephemera and printed matter that is born from them.

The reading room and bookshop is located at 7105 Reynolds St just beyond Frick Park - Pittsburgh’s largest municipal park. Growing out of its proximity to this large green space, the reading room is a third space, a place to tune in, slow down, and connect deeply, while surrounded by thought-provoking publications.

Upcoming community programming will invite collaboration and co-inquiry from writers, designers, athletes, artists, and naturalists across Western Pennsylvania.

COMMUNITY CALENDAR Events we’re organizing and happenings in the neighborhood and beyond that we’re excited about. 
06_01_24 Bookshop Opening Party
3-6pm @ 7105 Reynolds St

06_02_24 Dan Boyarski Photo Montage Opening Reception 
5-7:30pm @ 5806 Bryant St

06_07_24 Wine & Cheese
6-9pm @ Stephen Hankin Art Studio, 408 Lloyd St

07_17_24 Frick Park Trail Race_01

07_24_24 Frick Park Trail Race_02

07_31_24 Frick Park Trail Race_03

08_07_24 Frick Park Trail Race_04

07_19_24 Trail Running Film Fest 
6:30-10:30pm @ 3ROC

Fall 24 BIPOC Climbing Festival @ NRG

We’re excited to gather with you!


Wednesday, January 9th
7105 Reynolds St

This first evening together is a chance for people to meet and learn about each others creative dreams. If you’d like to bring a book, magazie, or object that you’re excited about please do!

Here are a few questions we’d love to ask ... 

  1. What are your dreams and hopes for Pittsburgh and local community, this space at 7105 Reynolds St, and yourself?
  2. Who would you love to see in-person in Pittsburgh? A writer, an artist collective, trail runner, filmmaker, sports psychologist, etc. How could we bring them here together?
  3. What organizations, clubs and groups do you feel you most belong? Where are you your fullest and most alive?
  4. What is your relationship to books, printed matter, zines, magazines and notebooks?
  5. What brands or products would you like to see in Pittsburgh for a pop-up or show? Sport, outerwear, stationary, footwear, lighting, technology, furniture, etc.
  6. What’s missing for you in Pittsburgh and in your neighborhood?
  7. What’s a regular gathering you’d like to be a part of? Not passively, but active contributor.
  8. What do you want in a physical space? Where does digital, the web and online experience factor into this? Is it a balancing act or analog space as a place to unplug?
  9. What days and times are you looking to a) hang out b) work c) do dirty things d) do paper things?
  10. What are thoughts on a 1) reading room 2) alternative library 3) magazine shop 4) bookshop?
  11. Is there a weekly, monthly or quarterly ritual you would like to be a part of here, in the park or in the neighborhood?
  12. What tools, objects and offerings do you need? want? The space is only 400 square feet so no heavy equipment.
  13. Looking for a space to hold a zine exchange, listening party, or modern salon? Or just looking for a really great spot to read?

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